This page was created after a ten days tour to Iceland that we made with my father in the summer of 1999. The descriptions and aspects are reflecting my personal impressions, someone might see it differently. For me Iceland is a wonderful place that can't be compared to anything else, it was great to stay there for a while. Seeing natural beauty in live is much better than any professional photo in a brochure. In Iceland nature is close to you as much as it is possible with all the spectacular size of sighs and its sheer power. I guess we have luck with the weather as we hardly have any rain but plenty of sunshine and perfect conditions for photography. And as a unique "feature" during our stay we had continuos daytime as it was the period of the midnight sun. I recommend everyone to visit Iceland once in a lifetime

The photos were all made by us, the source was paper picture or dia positive. Unfortunately I lost a finished film roll so some days have less illustrations. Practical information and links might help to get a broader overview of Iceland.

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(C) 1999 István Kósa

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