Day 3 - 29 June,Ttue

Laugarvatn - Selfoss - Thingvellir - Hvalfjördur - Stadir - Thelmörk - Akureyri - Húsavik - Thelmörk
740 km


Mount Hekla in the morning sun  On the way to Selfoss Lake Thingvellír 1 Lake Thingvellír 2 Thingvellír 1

Thingvellír 2 Thingvellír 3 Thingvellír 4 Thingvellír 5 On the North of Thingvellír

Stadir - church with cemetary Stadir In the fjords on the way to the East Icelandic horses 1 Icelandic horses 2

Swimming in Thelmörk Akureyri after 10 pm

Húsavik - midnight sun 1 Húsavik - midnight sun 2 Húsavik - midnight sun 3 Húsavik - midnight sun 4 Húsavik - midnight sun 5

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